Why us?

Quality and effectiveness

Our products are manufactured in due accordance to all the protocols and processes that are established in the ISO 13485 Standard and ISO 22716 Standard. We use premium quality raw material and the knowledge of our technical team in order to offer athletes and professionals that choose our products the best level of safety and the guaranty that they are in possession of the most effective products. However, at OXD we like to be ahead of the certification standards. Hence the reason why we subject our products to strict quality controls during the manufacturing process, likewise applying these controls to the finished product. This way we can guaranty an optimal maximum level of quality that makes us feel proud of what we do.

From athletes to athletes and physiotherapists

We are quite aware of how important it is to correctly recover muscles after a tough training session, as we have also endured the consequences of not warming-up correctly before a race. We are very much aware of the needs of an athlete and, thanks to our lengthy trajectory as manufacturers and distributors; we are also knowledgeable in the needs of the professionals of this industry. This is why our product development department is in permanent contact with athletes, coaches and physiotherapists, working hand-in-hand with them to turn their suggestions and needs into OXD products.

The athlete’s and the physiotherapist's needs.
Our products.


The OXD team

There is a young and energetic team of professionals behind the OXD brand, which works daily to supply athletes and professionals of products that make the day one day easier.

In like manner to the athletes, we work to reach our goals and we are motivated to improve day after day, adapting and establishing relations of trust and proximity with our clients, treating them exactly how we would like to be treated.