Privacy policy

Protection of data of a personal nature according to the Spanish Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD acronym in Spanish)

Telic, S.A.U., in application of the enforced regulation in matters pertaining to protection of personal data, informs that any personal data collected through the forms found on the website https:/// are included in the specific service user automated files of Telic, S.A.U.

Collection and automated handling of data of a personal nature has the aim of maintaining the commercial relationship and performance of tasks such as information, training, counseling and other activities pertaining to Telic, S.A.U.

Said data will only be transferred to those entities that are necessary and with the sole aim of complying with that outlined above.

Telic, S.A.U. adopts the necessary measures to guaranty the safety, integrity and confidentiality of the data in due accordance to that arranged in Organic Law 15/1999 dated December 13, on Protection of Data of a Personal Nature (LOPD).

The user may at any time whatsoever exercise the rights of access, opposition, rectification and cancellation that are duly included in the mentioned LOPD. Exercising of said rights may be carried out by the user by way of email to or at the address C/ Molí D’en Barri, 7-9 (pol. Ind. Can Barri), 08415 – Bigues i Riells (Barcelona).

The user states that all data provided by the same are factual and correct and the user commits to maintaining said data duly updated, informing Telic, S.A.U. on any changes that were to take place.

Data collected by users of the services

In those cases in which the user was to include files with data of a personal nature in virtual hosting servers, Telic, S.A.U. will not be responsible for any non-compliance on the part of the user of the LOPD.

Data retention in conformity with the Spanish Law of Information Society Services (LSSI acronym in Spanish)

Telic, S.A.U. informs that as a service provider of virtual hosting data and in virtue of that established in Law 34/2002, dated July 11 on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSI), it will retain essential information to identify the origin of the hosted data and the moment when service started to be provisioned during a maximum period of 12 months. Retention of said data does not affect secrecy of correspondence and said data can only be used within the frame of a criminal investigation or to safeguard public safety, putting the same at the disposal of the judges and/or tribunals or of the Ministry thus requesting the same. Data transmission to the Law Enforcement Organizations of the State will be so done in virtue of that arranged in the regulation on protection of personal data.

Intellectual property rights

Telic, S.A.U. is the holder of all copyright, intellectual property, industrial property, “know how” and as many other rights that are related with the content of the website and of the services offered in the same, as well as of the necessary programs for its implementation and related information. Reproduction, publication and/or use that is not strictly private of the total or partial contents of the website is not allowed without prior and written consent.

Intellectual property of the software

The user must respect third party programs placed at the disposal of Telic, S.A.U., even when the same were to be free and/or at the free disposal of the public.
Telic, S.A.U. holds the necessary exploitation and intellectual property rights of the software.
The user does not acquire any right or license whatsoever per the contracted service, over the necessary software for provisioning of service, nor over the technical information for service monitoring, with the exception of the necessary rights and licenses for compliance of the contracted services and solely for the duration of the same. The user will require written authorization from Telic, S.A.U. for any action exceeding compliance of the contract, with the user being prohibited from accessing, modifying, viewing the configuration, structure and files of the services that are property of Telic, S.A.U., assuming any civil and criminal liability arising from any incident that could take place in the servers and security systems as a direct consequence of a negligent or malicious action on the part of the same.

Intellectual property of the hosted contents

Use that is contrary to the legislation on intellectual property of the services provided by Telic, S.A.U. and, in particular of that following is strictly prohibited:

Use that is in opposition to the Spanish Laws or that infringes on the rights of third parties.

Publication or transmission of any content that in the opinion of Telic, S.A.U., is violent, obscene, abusive, illegal, racist, xenophobic or defamatory.
Cracks, program series numbers or any other content that infringes on the intellectual property rights of third parties.

Collection and/or use of personal data of other users without their express consent or contravening that arranged in Organic Law 15/1999, dated December 13, on Protection of Personal Data.

Use of the domain mail server and of the electronic mail addresses for the sending of unsolicited bulk mail.

The user holds all liability over the content of the user’s website, transmitted and stored information, hypertext links, third party claims and protection of minors. The user is liable with regards to the enforced laws and regulations and to the rules that deal with operation of the online service, electronic commerce, copyright, maintenance of public order, as well as to the Internet rights and principles of use.

The user will compensate Telic, S.A.U. for all expenses generated by the indictment ofTelic, S.A.U. in any cause in which liability was to be attributable to the user, including legal defense fees and costs, even in the case of a non-binding legal decision.

Protection of hosted information

Telic, S.A.U. makes backup copies of the information hosted on its servers, however, it does not take responsibility for the loss or accidental elimination of data on the part of the users. In like manner, it does not guaranty that all data eliminated by the users will be restored, given that said data could have been eliminated and/or modified during the period elapsed since the last backup copy was made. The offered services, with the exception of the specific backup services, do not include the restoration of content saved in backup copies made by Telic, S.A.U. when said loss is attributable to the user; in which case a fee will be determined in due accordance to the complexity and volume of the restoration, the same prior acceptance of the user. Restoration of eliminated data will only be included in the price of the service when the loss of the content is due to causes attributable to Telic, S.A.U.

Commercial correspondence

In application of the Law of Information Society Services (LSSI), Telic, S.A.U. will not send advertising or promotional correspondence via electronic mail or any other equivalent electronic means that has not been previously requested or expressly authorized by the recipients of the same.

In the case of users with which there is a previous contractual relationship, Telic, S.A.U. is authorized to send commercial correspondence referring to products or services of Telic, S.A.U. that are similar to the ones that were initially object of contracting with the client. At any rate, the user may request that no more commercial information be sent to them through the Customer Service channels, the same once having established their identity.