About OXD

OXD is a brand related to the field of sports medicine with a wide range of products especially  developed  to be faithful allies of athletes and professionals in the sector.

OXD was born as a brand of creams and muscle gels for athletes but soon expanded its articles to reach the professional public. OXD was able to do so, thanks to the experience, quality and catalog of another brand: + B.O. Its products, of well-known reputation in the professional scene, changed its image and its brand in order to be integrated in the OXD Professional Care range.


The OXD professional range has been developed with the professionals in mind, and their needs. Thus, OXD Professional Care not only presents neutral oils and creams for high-quality massage but also complements them with a wide range of active ingredients that result in perfect products to treat certain types of skin or ailments.

On the other hand, OXD also takes into account the practices of the professional in relation to the formats and offers from 5L containers to 100ml tubes so that the client can continue the treatment at home following the advice of their physiotherapist.

In addition, the formulas of OXD products are adapted as many times as necessary to obtain elastic products that facilitate the massage, improve the texture or smell but never renouncing the care of the skin of the professional and his client.


Dynamic and under constant evolution

OXD is always under constant evolution, open to the needs of the environment and the trends of the industry. Self-improvement and motivation are not only concepts that are related with the athlete, as at OXD we also integrate these concepts and make them our own: research, improvement and constant launching of new products in both sport and professional ranges.

A benchmark among professionals

OXD has inherited the trajectory of + B.O, its products, its quality and its reputation among professionals in the sector. This recognition is due to more than 15 years of well-done work during which the quality of the products has been our top concern.

Result of knowledge and experience

OXD saw the light as the result of the knowledge and experience acquired in the fields of medicine and physiotherapy by the corporate Telic Group. The quality of OXD products is endorsed by the Telic Group seal of guarantee and its results are backed-up by the many athletes and physiotherapists that already trust in the brand.